jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010


Hi everyone!!! today I had an interview in a Hospital, I think that was good, but they say "we would call u", so I just need to be pacient... but don't think I am a nurse because Im not.

Why do I called "BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR" to this entry, well its because as mexican I don't have Sundance Channel on paid TV, so I had to search on google, saint google XDDD to find the episodes and I am thankfull so thankfull with the person who upload to the web ^^.
Now I have been questioned by some why I do like this american when Evan Lysacek suck! Well my answer its simple.. because Weir is so damm great in the way of been and skate, besides he is not my fave of the world, Plushenko will always be part on me since I watch him in Salt Lake 2002...

In other stuff I want to see the next episode of the big bang theory ¬¬....

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