jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010


so yesterday I announced to KILL SPANISH, just kidding Im talking about the languaje not the people, but anyway Im here to talk about the work today, it was so hard I get so tired really, and not only that I came home and NO FOOD O.O, danm how can it be??? And I didn't ate at work, because I had so much then actually I don feel my legs ¬¬...

New topic. Since Im such a big fan of figure skating, God!! was so great to watch the US Championship as well the Australian Open(tennis), anyway I don't compare the american with the russian skating, I mean russians are so much better way to far, but its nice to watch some so soon of the Winter Olympics in Vancuver, I just can wait anymore O_O

In other things, I let u this video from Epica, I feel now so much inspiration

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Gittana dijo...

Adoro a Epica!!!! es uno de mis grupos favoritos!!!!! los adoro!!! y a ella... ups!!! la amo!!!!